Crewe Green Parish Council 

Local Elections 2nd May 2019

As part of the first tier of local Government this is an ideal opportunity to take an active part in representing the views of your community, and to be involved in the decision-making process of local Government. Crewe Green is a small Parish with a friendly and supportive mix of Councillors each of whom brings something different to the decision making process. Even though being a Parish Councillor is a serious and important position it is not onerous with meetings only once every other month. Council Meetings are held at the stunning Crewe Hall Hotel which is a truly magnificent listed building. Members of the public are invited to submit a nomination request to stand as a local Parish Councillor at the local elections which take place this year on May 2nd. There are currently six Parish Councillors with two vacancies. If there are nine nominations to stand, there will be a local ballot but if there are only eight or less nominations then the existing Councillors will automatically be re elected providing that they wish to continue. Nomination forms and Guidance Notes are obtainable form CEC at Westfields in Sandbach or the Clerk to Crewe Green Parish Council

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