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Cheshire East is holding a 12-week consultation on proposals for the governance arrangements for town and parish councils in the borough. The review looks at a range of issues, including town and parish boundaries, numbers of town and parish councillors, grouping of parishes and warding. The consultation provides people with an opportunity to comment and make the case for alternative proposals to those recommended. The public consultation runs from 6 September to 28 November. To take part, go to Cheshire East Community Governance Review - Part Two

Cheshire East Council recommends that: 1. The whole of the proposed South Cheshire Growth Village including that part currently in Weston & Basford becomes a part of Crewe Green Parish. 2. The whole of Basford East and the part of Basford West currently in Weston & Basford Parish becomes a part of the Crewe East Ward. 3. The whole of Wychwood Park, including that part currently in Weston & Basford Parish, becomes a part of a new Parish of a new Parish of Chorlton. Wychwood Village would remain in Weston & Basford Parish.

The Parishes of Weston & Basford and Crewe Green have both unanimously passed the following resolution which has been sent to Cheshire East Borough Council: (a) That discussions continue between Weston & Basford and Crewe Green Parish Councils with a view to representations being made to Cheshire East Council to approve a merger of the two Councils. (b) That subject to the approval of Cheshire East Council to the proposal to merge the Parishes of Weston, Basford and Crewe Green no objection be raised to the other proposals contained within the consultation document.

This document also has a couple of maps, which might be helpful.

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